Do I need to have swimming pool service in the winter?

Winter is coming, and for the uninitiated homeowner, this is the time where their pools will start to malfunction if it is not properly maintained.

Inground pools are permanently installed onto the property, adding value to the home but also required maintenance. The maintenance of an inground pool can be cumbersome for the uninitiated homeowner. Thankfully, pool maintenance servicing streamlines the process, working around your schedule and your unique needs.

Winterizing an Inground Pool

Thankfully, California enjoys relatively mild winters. So the threat of freezing water damaging piping or the pool filter isn’t something that most residents would have to worry about. Owners of inground pools will need to focus on preventing algae blooms, maintaining water chemistry, and the regularly removal of debris.

Ensure chlorine levels during inactivity. The water’s chemistry is important during the off-season. Pool maintenance will ensure that the water is balanced. Homeowners tend to think that they should add algaecide the day after shocking the pool with chlorine. Too soon of an application can cause organic staining and bacterial bloom.

Preventing an algae bloom. Cleaning up algae in the spring cuts into the season, can be costly to remediate, and can be annoying to remove. Pool maintenance service will add the algaecide a couple of days after the chlorine shock. Then it will be properly covered.

Mild Winters, but debris is still a problem. Floating debris and stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Pool maintenance with ensure that the populations don’t proliferate by cleaning up the debris, maintaining water chemistry, and ensuring proper water levels as to not affect skimmers.

Do I need to have swimming pool service in the winter?

Swimming pool service will help avoid the mentioned troubles, as well as preserve your investment. Pool service will automate these processes to ensure that your pool will emerge in the spring, ready to be enjoyed by family and friends.

Pool maintenance will be able to clear the plumbing for your particular inground pool.Maintenance service will blow out water from the plumbing tubes, and prep them. Depending on tubing, a shop vac may be utilized to remove water.

Draining the filter. For many homeowners, they may not be too familiar as to the location of the pool filters. Thankfully, pool maintenance service will be able to locate the filter and drain it. The multiport valve will be put to close and the pressure gauge will be removed. The pump will then be emptied, leftover water will be removed from the veins of the impeller, and any chemicals like chlorine will be forced out of the feeder so that no chemicals are left behind.

It’s essential to cover the pool whenever it is not being used, or it is not being serviced. This will keep debris at bay. Select solid-surface pool covers for more comprehensive protection.

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