We’re Making a Big Splash in Redlands!

One of the best things about living in this GoldenState is the weather. Here we can enjoy the out-of-doors all year long. It’s almost always swimming weather in California so it is no surprise that pool ownership in Redlands is on the rise. But, owning a pool can become a hassle.

If you spend more time maintaining and cleaning your pool than you do enjoying it, you need professional help. Call Total Pool Service to remove the burden of pool ownership and give you back the joy you originally had when you invested in your pool. Your time and energy can be better spent elsewhere – have a little fun. Recreate. That’s why you got your pool in the first place. Now is the time to enjoy it.

Let us do the scrubbing and scouring. Allow us to create perfect pH and eliminate stinging, burning eyes. Give us the opportunity to put some relaxation back into pool ownership for as little as $69.00 per month!

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And, remember. With us, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.