Should I buy a house with a pool?

When purchasing a new home, there are many amenities to choose from. For many people, having a pool on their property is essential. But, if you are on the fence about whether to purchase a property with a pool, it can be helpful to consider the main advantages and disadvantages of having one. So, let’s […]

Can you swim in a green pool?

It’s about that time – time to open your pool for summer! Removing the cover of your in-ground pool is kind of like getting a Christmas present you don’t want – you never know what you’ll find inside. Sometimes it’s a frog, sometimes just a lot of leaves and debris. When you discover green water […]

How much does a pool guy cost?

Why Hire a Professional? If you own a pool, you want to get the most of out of it all season long. Keeping your pool looking clean and fresh is not only beneficial to your enjoyment factor, but also helps prevent algae and bacteria from spreading. Performing pool maintenance yourself can be overwhelming, time constraining […]

Do I need to have swimming pool service in the winter?

Winter is coming, and for the uninitiated homeowner, this is the time where their pools will start to malfunction if it is not properly maintained. Inground pools are permanently installed onto the property, adding value to the home but also required maintenance. The maintenance of an inground pool can be cumbersome for the uninitiated homeowner. […]