How much does a pool guy cost?

Why Hire a Professional?

If you own a pool, you want to get the most of out of it all season long. Keeping your pool looking clean and fresh is not only beneficial to your enjoyment factor, but also helps prevent algae and bacteria from spreading. Performing pool maintenance yourself can be overwhelming, time constraining and tedious. Hiring a maintenance pool professional means that you as the owner do not need to buy or store chemicals. It also takes the guesswork out of balancing just the right chemical concentration for optimal pool health and frees up your time. Let’s take a look at just how much it would cost to hire a pool guy.

Basic Chemical Plus Services

If you’re looking to get general cleaning and maintenance services such as chemical balancing, you can hire a pool tech for around $69.00 per month with no annual charges. These services would be inclusive of not only chemicals and balancing, but emptying of the pool skimmer and pump basket as well. They would also include filter cleaning to capture debris and contaminants for the overall health of your pool.

Upgrading to Waterline Brushing

If you have tile around your pool, then you know if can be a difficult task to remove calcium deposits caused from the waterline around the perimeter. Even plaster pools can develop a stained waterline from leaves and debris. If you have winterized your pool but are still experiencing waterline stains, it’s a good idea to include upgraded cleaning into your maintenance service and for pools that use automatic vacuums the mid-grade maintenance service would be ideal.

The mid-grade service package encompasses everything that the basic package includes, but will also make sure your pool is skimmed of surface debris and any large content from the bottom and provides weekly brushing of the tile waterline walls and steps.

Overview of the Full Service Maintenance Cleaning

This top of the line pool service is thorough in making sure that your pool is super clean, sparkling and looking great for years to come. This top of the line maintenance pool service includes chemical plus, cleaning of the filter, emptying of the skimmer and basket, weekly brushing of the tile waterline and steps, skimming of debris from surface and bottom PLUS a weekly vacuuming. It’s really the full Monty for protecting your pool against the elements and extending its longevity.

Contacting an Honest Pool Guy

As a rule of thumb, most large pool companies do not charge extra for using more chemicals in addition to their flat monthly rate package. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if a special chemical was acquired specifically for your pool; it is standard to possibly incur an extra fee. A Great service relationship starts with a choosing an honest pool guy for all of your maintenance needs and letting your pool’s maintenance fall to an expert means more time for enjoying the little things in life and less time worrying about cleaning it yourself.

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